Parents, are you frustrated with your child constantly playing video games?

We know your child loves to PLAY video games, but how can you convert playtime into STUDY time?

Tired of getting frustrated with your child? Looking for solution to your teenagers gaming addiction? You are definitely not alone!

But what if I told you that video game development is the future of media technology? That in 2023, the games industry broke the $200B dollar mark.


The only media industry currently larger than video games is television advertising. However, as demographics change, your kids won't be buying what they see on TV. In the future, they will buy what they see in games.

But unlike playing games, Game Development is a difficult, serious engineering field. It is also a demanding, digital arts field. There is no other medium right now that requires so much talent and effort from its creators.

Yes, Game Development can be taught. Major universities have Game Development colleges; however, unless your child has experience building video games, they are going to feel behind. And even worse, they probably won’t be accepted.

So what should a parent do to help their child transition away from playing and into creating? First, they need to find a mentor who can teach them the basics of game development. Second, they need to find a support group of friends with similar interests and goals. And finally, they need to start building games and competing in game building competitions (game jams).

Once your child has a great mentor, friend-circle, and a hunger for success, they will be on track for success in the future gaming industry.

If you are a parent, looking to help your child take that first step, I would love to help your child begin their journey to becoming a professional Game Developer.

-Christian Strohm
Games Division Mentor