Hackingtons Games Division

The best mentorship in video game development.

$120/month tuition (ages 13-18)

Featured student: Ayomi

Prior to joining Games Division, Ayomi received a black-belt award in the languages HTML, Scratch, Python, and JavaScript. Next year he plans to attend a top-rated university.

Coding Competitions

Our students learn to compete in professional-level competitions, including our own "Under18" Hackingtons Game Jams.

View our recent Game Jam on itch.io

About Hackingtons Games Division:

Our mentorship program is for teenagers with basic coding knowledge and a strong passion for developing (building) video games.

Our students compete in global video game building competitions hosted on itch.io.

How it works:

Once-per-week, students attends an online meeting (Zoom) with their mentor and classmates.

Each student will be assigned weekly progress goals, and will be held accountable to reach these milestones.

Students are supported by both the instuctors and their fellow classmates, with help desk sessions and a dedicated Discord channel.

The goal:

We want our students to develop professionl-grade coding/developing skills and become the thought-leaders of the next generation in the gaming industry.

And most importantly, the friendships made in our program will hopefully last a lifetime.

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