Work at Hackingtons!

The Hackingtons business model is very similar to Starbucks:
regardless of which location, or class you join,
students always get a similar experience.


As an instructor, you do not need to create/develop or "teach" in the traditional sense, as we have a team of curriculum developers who create all of the lessons - The instructor role is simply to help "motivate" and "problem solve" for your group of (~6) kids.

Our ideal instructor is knowledgable in Python &/or JavaScript, and has some experience with HTML/CSS.

If you love programming, and love to smile, then you will be a fantastic instructor at Hackingtons!

Instructor pay ranges from $20-30/hour. Most classes occur between Mon-Fri 3:30pm-7:00pm (or anytime on Saturdays) depending on your availability)

We provide paid training for languages that you might be less familiar with (ie Scratch).

To apply, please Email David Hutchins (Director of Operations) your resume and/or portfolio.
co-founder Matt example coding lesson (from curriculum)