Hackingtons Jr.

Bringing families together to code.

For parents with kids ages 5-7

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Parent and child coding together

About Hackingtons Jr.

How it works:

Every Saturday morning, we email you (the parent) a free coding lesson to share with your child. Activities will be taught using Scratch & Scratch Jr. (created by MIT University).

Why it works:

This is your chance to truly engage with your child in a creative and meaningful way. You'll look forward to laughing and learning together each week.

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Ready to try?

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Tools we use:

Our activies use Scratch and Scratch Jr. to teach computer programming skills by building video games and interactive stories.

Scratch is a computer programming language developmed by MIT University. Scratch Jr is a simplified version that is available on Android and iPad tablets.

But I don't have any computer experience...

Scratch and Scratch Jr. are simple to learn and we will provide step-by-step instructions. No computer programming experience required! We promise!

Is this program really free?

Yes, Hackingtons Jr is 100% free. Our goal is to create a pipeline of kids who love coding and want to join our advanced program (JavaScript/Python ages 8+).

Who are we?

Founded by a California public elementary teacher, Hackingtons has been a leader in kids coding education since 2014.

The best way to get your child excited about coding, and it's 100% FREE!

*We will never share your email with anyone.