Game Division

A game development club for students who want to get better at all aspects of building video games while working with friends.

I'm interested!

Can I join Game Division?

If you have a passion for building video games and want to be introduced to other like-minded friends and mentors, we would love to invite you to our club.

Our members typically have prior basic coding experience and are looking for support to take the next step in building games with the Unity3D engine.

Who are the mentors?

Christian Strohm: UC Berkeley Graduate & game developer with advanced knowledge of Unity 3D.

Andrew Miller: UC Santa Cruz Graduate & lead curriculum developer for Unity 3D game design @Hackingtons.

Featured student games:

by OwenS

by Chloe

by Orrie

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How Class Meetings Work:

Game Division members meet once-per-week on Fridays between 4:00pm-7:00pm (online). Students are assigned a specific check-in time, but are welcome to stay the entire length of the club meeting.


Each meeting consists of project reviews, student showcases, and topic discussions.

Competitions and Events:

During the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer we host game building competitions on Itch.io (a professional game jam community).