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Join a team of peers to build and publish video games using Unity3D. $140/month tuition.

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Teams Pro explained:

For teenagers (13+) who are interested in learning professional-level game development skills, and making like-minded friends.

In addition to learning basic game coding fundamentals, students will work alongside a mentor to publish games on Itch.io and STEAM.


Unity3D Development: Professional game engine (using the C# language).

Github: Professional file sharing software for collaborative development.

Itch.io Publishing: Game publishing platform for independent developers.

STEAM Publishing: Video game digital distribution service and storefront developed by Valve Corporation.

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How Class Meetings Work:

Teams Pro classes meet on Friday's from 4:45pm-5:55pm (Pacific Time). This is an online only class (Zoom). Tuition is $140/month.

Each class consists of three parts: teacher check-in, coding-time, and class showcase.

Class enrollment is year-round; however, every semester the students will work together on a team game with the goal of publishing on Itch/STEAM.

Teams Pro Instructors

Why parents love Hackingtons:

As a parent, you see great potential in your child and want to surround them with friends with similar interests.

At Hackingtons, we have hundreds of kids enrolled with the same love for technology. Together, as a team, we hope to inspire and motivate your child to acheive great things in their future.

"I love how the Hackingtons curriculum challenges me!" -Evan Evan's Portfolio

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