Online Classes

Hackingtons "premium online" classes offer a similar experience to our in-person classes.

  • Once-per-week 70min small-group instruction (Zoom)
  • Live help desk (Zoom)
  • Monthly coding competitions w/trophies
  • Subjects included:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Scratch
    • Python
    • Unity
  • Tuition: $120/month
Free Informational Meeting

Hackingtons location in Pleasant Hill California.  6 desks with laptops infront of a large television.

What parents are saying

Would my child enjoy coding?

Coding is not about playing video games, it's about creating and problem solving. Does your child enjoy drawing or building with legos? Are they mischievous? Do they like discovering short-cuts? Do they have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do they have big dreams? These are all tell-tales that your child might benefit from learning to code.

Image of a girl wearing a Hackingtons shirt while blowing bubble of bubble gum.