Due to COV-19, Hackingtons has transitioned all in-class students to an online learning environment.

In addition to regular once-per-week lessons, we are offering Bonus classes during the week. These include: the Scratch Show, Python Show, Unity Show, HTML Club, and Fun Friday Minecraft. Bonus Schedule

About Hackingtons Virtual Classes

  • Virtual classes meet once-per-week for 70min.
  • Tuition is $120/month (4 classes)
  • Students will have 24/7 access to our curriculum: Hackingtons.io
  • Taught by our professional, background-checked instructors.
  • Classes meet online via "Zoom". Mic required, Webcam optional.

Interested in joining?

Please book a free "introduction" appointment with an instructor below. During this 15 minute session, an instructor will help you and your child setup a coding environment on your home computer, and give you a tour/mini-lesson of our curriculum. After the introduction, we will send you a schedule of classes times that would best fit your child's age/experience level.

co-founder Steven's "Best of Hackingtons" Show

We have fun, but are serious about coding!

Students are expected to complete projects each week. As students progress, they will earn rankings, with "Black Belt" being the highest ranking.

Why Hackingtons®?

We are a team. Your child will have the opportunity to make friends who also love to code.

We are professional. Your child will create a code portfolio starting on day one. They will use this portfolio when they apply for real coding jobs in the future.

We are social. We have online coding club meetings Tues-Fri. All students are encouraged to attend.

We are affordable. We have not changed our tuition rate ($120/month) since 2014.

Our students are incredible. Together we are the business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.