About Hackingtons Online

  • Learn HTML5, Python, and Scratch.
  • For all ages (under age 13 requires parent supervision)
  • Free trial (test-drive) No credit card needed.
  • Tuition is $99/month (if you decide to officially enroll)
  • Personalized feedback videos sent directly to you.
free test-drive

Hackingtons 'real feedback' videos.

Most online classes require embarassing group or 1 on 1 video conferences. Most kids hate video conferencing. (And to be honest, most adults do too). Not to mention, scheduling time each week with an instructor is nearly impossible with our busy schedules.

We have a staff of professional coding instructors, who will send you a personalized feedback video that not only reviews your code, but provides helpful hints, motivation, and reduces the frustration that comes with learning to code.

Feedback videos are sent bi-weekly (twice-per-month), and you are welcome to watch them over-and-over at your convenience.

Note: you will have 24/7 access to the lessons, and teachers will provide written feedback/approval for every project submitted (within 48 hours).

What is the best age to join?

We honestly don't want to put an age on our online program. We are silly, our jokes are kid-focused, cheesy, and we have too much fun teaching. This may or may not appeal to your learning style, regardless of your age. In order for younger kids to learn to code, they really need to have basic typing and mouse-movement skills. Adults should understand that this is a beginner program, and is only the first step to getting a job in the coding world.

How can I ask questions?

You will be able to ask questions to your Hackingtons instructor via the message page. For your safety and privacy, there are no public forums. The only communication will be with a background-checked, trained Hackingtons professional. All Hackingtons instructors are either working coding professionals and/or computer science university graduates and undergraduates.

Teachers review every project you complete.

As you will see in the free test-drive, our curriculum is divided into mini-projects. After completing a project, an actual Hackingtons instructor will review your code, and approve it before proceeding to the next level.

Can I join as an intermediate coder?

The online system is designed for beginners. If you are unsure of your level, signup for the test-drive and see how you like it.

I'm interested, but need more info

Contact us if you have additional questions