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What is Scratch?

Scratch was developed by MIT University to teach the fundamentals
of programming to younger learners.

About Scratch Boot Camp:

How we teach:

For one month, your child will meet once-per-week with instructor (Matt Highland) who will teach them the basics of Scratch programming. (Lessons are done online and in cohorts/groups)

How we engage your child:

During the lesson, Matt will step-by-step teach your child how to build a video game. Then, it is your child's responsibility to continue improving the game prior to the filming of the "Scratch Show", where their game will be featured on Youtube.

Your child's game will be featured on my Youtube show.

About Hackingtons:

Hackingtons has been a leader in kids coding education since 2014.

Our team of instructors has taught over 4,200 kids how to code in the Northern California/San Francisco Bay Area & Online.

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Scratch Boot Camp will be taught by Matt Highland

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When are the classes?

This is an online program and classes are taught after school 4:00pm-5:00pm on Fridays or Saturdays 9am-10am (Pacific Standard Time). Boot Camp starting dates will vary depending on the month.

What does my child need for class?

Computer programming with Scratch can be done on a chromebook, laptop, or iPad with an internet connection and a web browser.

But my child already has experience with Scratch...

During the parent orientation we will determine if your child will qualify for our intermediate/advanced group.

screenshot of the Scratch application on ipad
Scratch works great on a tablet, Chromebook, Apple, or PC.

family looking at a tablet together
*Families are welcome to watch the lessons together

How long is the program?

The Scratch Boot Camp takes 4 weeks to complete. This is a beginner class designed to jumpstart your child's confidence and understanding of computer programming. After completing the beginner course your child may have the option to join one of our more advanced classes.

What is the tuition?

The Scratch Boot Camp tuition is $140 for 4 weeks (4 lessons).

What if my child misses a class?

We will email a review lesson video covering the skills taught during the lesson.

family looking at a tablet together
*Families are welcome to watch the lectures together