What is Startup Night?

Your child may have a billion dollar idea for a new startup company. Startup Night is an opportunity to combine your child's coding skills with their entrepreneurial skills.


Sat. January 20th at Hackingtons in Roseville (5pm - 6pm)

Sat. January 27th at Hackingtons in Pleasant Hill. (5pm - 6pm)

Quick video explaination of the event

Who can participate?

This is a free event open to all Hackingtons students.

All Hackingtons student learn basic HTML web development in the trial class, therefore all Hackingtons students are qualified to participate!

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How does it work?

Participants will need to bring their website, ready to go.

Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 kids who raise the most investment capital.

What to bring

Bring a link to your website, or a copy of the file on a flash drive. (example)

There will be no coding time at the event, make sure your site is done ahead of time.

Bring family and friends to pitch your idea to. They will be the ones investing in the businesses. (We will give them $1,000 to invest!)

What to do

You will stand next to a computer and pitch your idea to parents, family, and friends who are walking around the room.

As people come up to you explain your idea and why you are asking for money to help start the business.

Remember, you are not selling the actual product, but investment in your business idea.

How to win

There will be 3 trophies awarded - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

The top 3 startups that raise the most money will win the trophies.

The startups with the best sites will be much easier to get investment money. So make sure your sites look great.

This is a free event! Please RSVP.

Startup Night is a great way to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. Come hang out with fellow Hackingtons students and see some ridiculous ideas, invest in startups, and become the next billionare entreprenuer!

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