Coding Curriculum

Hackingtons develops our own curriculum in-house, which is provided to the students with 24/7 access.

Hackingtons was founded by a California licensed school teacher, and we pride ourselves on creating curriculum that not only teaches professional coding skills, but engages the students.

All lessons are project-based, and student must completed ranking tests to proceed (similar to Karate).


White- Code and launch a basic website Try it!

Yellow- Learn CSS styling

Orange- Intro to JavaScript

Green- Building multi-page websites

Blue- Dynamic websites with JavaScript

Purple- Introduction to layout

Red- Intro to media queries

Brown- Build a professional website for a business.

Black- Build a professional grade portfolio.


White- variables, functions, data-types

Yellow- if/else

Orange- DOM manipulation

Green- Arrays

Blue- Local Storage

Purple- Intro to JS Game Dev (Canvas)

Red- Collision Detection, Math.random(), Score variables

Brown- JavaScript objects

Black- Build a portfolio of JS games


White- print, Else/If, input Try it!

Yellow- Math, String Concatenation

Orange- Functions (def), Recursion

Green- Loops

Blue- Lists

Purple- Read/Write Files

Red- Dictionaries, Objects/Classes

Brown- Intro to full-stack development/Django

Black- Build a dynamic web-app using Django

Teacher Steven's weekly "Best of Hackingtons"


Our instructors are a mix of computer science university graduates/undergraduates, and working professional coders.

The role of the instructor during class is to check-in with the students, evaluate their current progress, upgrade the student rankings/level, and to de-bug and problem solve issues that students are experiencing.

Some students only code during class, while others spend many hours outside of class working on Hackingtons projects.

Students have 24/7 access to our curriculum, and daily access to a live help desk instructor.

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