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Empowering [your child] to build great things

Hackingtons brings people together over coding with funny and inspirational teachers...
-Celia T. (age 11)

Hackingtons gives many great and entertaining opportunities to kids all around the world... they show the fun the computer world can bring. -Aman S. (age 12)

I've attended many coding programs, but only Hackingtons focused on building practical applications for the real world.
-Yaroslav A. (age 15)

Hackingtons classroom

Discover your child's passion:

We all have big hopes and dreams for our children. Perhaps they will grow up to be sports superstars? But more likely they will rely on their academic skills, talent, and entrepreneurial determination to find success.

Yes, we are a computer programming school, but ask any of our students' parents what we really represent: Passion, Community, Friendships, Skills & Creativity.

We welcome your child to join our team.
-Hackingtons students & teachers

Hackingtons® Quick facts:

Languages taught: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Scratch, and C# (Unity3D).

Class size: 6:1 ratio

Tuition: $120/month

Founded: 2014 (4,200+ kids have attended)

Summer is a great time to join Hackingtons!

In addition to your child's once-per-week traditional coding class, they can join our instructor-led Roblox & Minecraft Clubs at no additional cost!

My child is interested! Please send more information about joining Hackingtons:

In-person Events

Hackathon For Kids
Startup Business Competition
Startup Business Comp.
Arcade Night Game Showcase
Arcade Nights
Students Earn Awards and Achievements
Win trophies!