Hackingtons students participating in a competition at the Elk Grove Location

Meet Hackingtons®

Founded in 2014 by a licensed school teacher. We have 10 locations in Northern California with over 1,000 students currently enrolled.

We teach professional coding skills. There is nothing "childish" about our code school (other than our humor). Your child might start as a beginner, but they will immediately begin working on their professional portolio.

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About our program

  • Classroom-based coding instruction for kids.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Unity and Scratch.
  • Ages 8 - 15
  • Tuition is $120/month (4 weeks)
  • Classroom lessons are once-per-week for 70 minutes
  • Monthly coding competitions & family events

My child might be interested, please send the curriculum outline.

students participating at a family-coding event at the Hackingtons Rocklin location

Why Hackingtons®?

Our curriculum is designed for all levels of students, and we especially welcome first time beginners.

We help students create professional code portfolios. Students will use this portfolio when they apply for real jobs.

We have monthly coding competitions and fun family events. Hackingtons is more than career preparation— we are a startup incubator for today's youth.

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Students participating at the Hackingtons500 coding tournament
Hackingtons500 Competition

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Smiling and laughing female Hackingtons students coding at the Pleasant Hill location. Students participating at the startup competition at the Hackingtons in Vacaville location


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We are seeking qualified instructors in the Northern California region.

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