Meet Hackingtons

Founded by a licensed California school teacher in 2014, Hackingtons is a community where professional coding instructors share their love of programming with their students.

Our primary goal is to create to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, by helping kids learn to build video games, websites, and apps.

Tuition is $120/month, and we haven't increased it since our founding in 2014. Tuition includes a weekly 70min group lesson (on Zoom), weekly coding clubs, live help desk, and 24/7 access to our entire curriculum.

What does Hackingtons teach?
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The coding languages we teach

Beginner students typically start by learning Scratch, a language developed by MIT University for building video games. Students then learn to build websites using HTML, CSS & JavaScript, or study Python scripting. Our most advanced students study Unity video game development with the language C#.

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Example projects made by students

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What parents are saying

Would my child enjoy coding?

Coding is not about playing video games, it's about creating and problem solving. Does your child enjoy drawing or building with legos? Are they mischievous? Do they like discovering short-cuts? Do they have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do they have big dreams? These are all tell-tales that your child might benefit from learning to code.

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