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Kids have fun making friends, building video games, coding websites, & developing python apps.

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Pleasant Hill Dublin Rocklin or Virtual (online)
Hackingtons code school in Dublin California
Over 4,200 kids have learned to code at Hackingtons.

Kids learning together.

We believe learning to code is a team sport, and nothing is more motivating than having your games/projects played by peers.
At the end of every lesson, your child will post their project to the student showcase, to be seen/played by hundreds of other kids.

Want to see some student projects?

Featured Coders:


Jeisa is 12 years old and absolutely loves web development.
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Yaroslav is 15 years old and a premiere game developer in Unity.
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Try us, we think you'll like it.

Whether your child is a first-time beginner, or a tech-savvy coder, they will soon discover that the Hackingtons lessons/curriculum is unlike anything they have ever experienced.
Our team develops all curriculcum in-house, and when we are not teaching, we are filming Youtube-style videos.

Our teachers are professionals

With computer science degrees from top universities including UCLA, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, and others, our instructors are professional level coders, many simultaneously working in the tech industry. Some notable companies our teachers boast are Disney, EA Sports, and Ebay.

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Pleasant Hill Dublin Rocklin or Virtual (online)

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