Hackingtons classroom

Our students are world-class

Under the mentorship of our professional coding instructors, Hackingtons students (ages 8-15) build video games, websites, and python applications that are above and beyond what most university students can build.

In other words, if a Hackingtons student applies for a job at your tech firm (in the future), you would be crazy not to hire them!

Hackingtons students graduate after creating a professional portfolio of their best work.

Languages taught: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Scratch, and/or Unity C#

Class size: 6:1 ratio

Tuition: $120/month

Founded: 2014 (4,000+ kids have attended)

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Family Events & Competitions

Hackathon For Kids
Startup Business Competition
Startup Business Comp
Arcade Night Game Showcase
Arcade Night
Students Earn Awards and Achievements
Awards and Achievements