"Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”
—Steve Jobs

About Hackingtons®

  • We teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Scratch.
  • Ages 8 - 15
  • Classroom lessons are once-per-week for 70 minutes
  • Classroom tuition is $120/month (4 weeks)
  • Our program is flexible, join anytime of the year.
  • We encourage your child to make friends with classmates.

Classroom Locations


5179 Lone Tree Way

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524 Hartz Ave Suite D

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7013 Village Pkwy

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508 Second Street, Suite 107

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El Dorado Hills

897 Embarcadero Drive, Suite 103

class schedule


555 Oakdale Street, Suite G

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Pleasant Hill

367 Civic Drive, Suite 10

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6940 Destiny Drive, Suite 8

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1100 Melody Ln, Suite 107

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Opening August 2018

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Curriculum for Coding

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Hackingtons Video Game Coding Competition

Why Hackingtons®

Code.org and Hour of Code have done an excellent job of introducing beginner coding skills to children around the world. But the effort required to go from a beginner to an advanced coder requires much more support than typical schools can provide. Learning to code is frustrating alone, and our teachers and curriculum are designed to empower kids to become independent learners from day one.

Hackingtons program is designed for all levels of students, and we especially welcome first time beginners. We can't promise that every child will love coding. But we do promise it will greatly benefit your child's future.


Hackingtons free trial class

Meet the instructor. Make some new friends. Code a website in HTML and launch it for the world to see. Includes full access to the curriculum for review. Beginners welcome!


Curriculum Licensing

Hackingtons curriculum—CodeSchoolForKids.com—is available for licensing to approved vendors, tutoring centers, and instructors. (must be outside of California)

Visit our licensing page for complete details.

Hackingtons Code School for Kids