Terms and Conditions

Hackingtons is a registered trademark of Hackingtons Corporation. All teaching materials, videos, and methodology is property of Hackingtons Corporation and not to be used by any outside instructors, clubs, tutors, or organizations without written permission.

General Tuition/Attendance Policy

Tuition is $140 per 4 weeks of lessons paid via the Chargevault credit card gateway. We accept Visa/Mastercard. We require 48 hour notice for any changes to your weekly schedule (planned absences/vacations/illness). Our program is ongoing, year round, and you are free to cancel or resume at anytime; however, we are first come first serve, and we require 2 weeks written (email) notice prior to cancellation. For absences longer than 1 week, we typically are unable to hold the class spot unless the child continues to pay tuition.

Minimum Class Size

Teachers are instructed to only start class after a minimum of 2 students are present. In the event only one child is able to attend, we require the parent to remain present during the instruction. Under normal circumstances, we do not encourage parents to be present during class sessions, as it is distracting to the teacher and the students. All of our facilities have an available waiting room/area.

Absence Policy

If the teacher cancels a class for any reason, you will be issued a refund/credit for that class.

If a student needs to miss a class, for any reason, we require 48 hours written notice (email to [email protected]), and we will try to find a make-up date or offer a credit for the account.

Limits of Liability

Hackingtons is a tutoring class for teaching basic web development to children in grades 3 - 8. Hackingtons will not be held liable for anything outside of the reasonable expectation of this description.

Hackingtons will not be held liable for any inappropriate content accessed by students on the internet, regardless of how it is accessed. Students will have access to the internet and could potentially view innappropriate material.

Parents are solely responsible for students transportation to and from classes or events held by Hackingtons. Hackingtons will not be held responsible for any student’s actions inside or outside of the classroom.

Hackingtons will not be held responsible for any teacher’s independant actions both inside or outside of the classroom.

Hackingtons' teachers are not required to be medically trained and Hackingtons will not be held liable for any student's medical conditions, treatments, or costs which may occur before, during, or after class.

Child Illness

If your child is sick, please do not send them to class. If a child displays any signs of a fever or illness during class, parents will be called for immediate pickup. Parents should always be reachable during class hours. If a teacher determines a child is in immediate danger due to a health issue, teachers may call 911 prior to calling the parent. Teachers are not required nor expected to have medical training.

Class Cancellation Policy

Classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment. If a class is cancelled, full tuition and deposit will be refunded to any paid participants.

Hackingtons reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrollment at any time. Any student terminated will be provided with a refund for any remaining classes.