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Why parents love Hackingtons:

As a parent, you see great potential in your child, but it has been difficult to find a group of friends/mentors who match their interests in technology/coding.

"I love how the Hackingtons curriculum challenges me!" -Evan Evan's Portfolio

What Hackingtons can offer your child:

We provide world-class mentorship in computer programming.

    Your child will:
  • Learn to code websites, video games, and Python applications.
  • Build a professionl portfolio.
  • Showcase their projects to hundreds of peers.
"I love how Hackingtons teachers make learning fun!" -Jackson Jackson's Awards
Hackingtons Corporation, est. 2014
Co-founders: Steven Croft & Matthew Highland
Lead Instructors: Andrew Miller (UC Santa Cruz) & Michael Gloudeman (UCLA/App Academy)