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Founded by a public school teacher in 2014, we focus on teaching kids to code in Python, JavaScript, or game development (Unity3D). Classes meet once-per-week for 70 minutes. Ages 8-15. $140/month tuition.

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Hackingtons explained:

Everything we do is to inspire your child to build great things. This begins with teaching the basics of computer programming, which we believe is the most powerful skill set in today's economy.

During your child's FREE trial class, the instructor will determine the best "Black Belt" curriculum track for your child's age/ability/interests.

During every class, we expect your child to complete a real-world project and showcase it to the class. We strive for results and more importantly, we want to give your child credit for their hard work.

Black Belt Curriculum:

Scratch: A drag-n-drop coding language developed by MIT. Great for kids with no prior coding experience.

HTML/CSS/JS The foundation for web app development. Easy to learn and great for kids who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Python: Today's "most popular" general scripting language for manipulating big-data, A.I, and machine-learning.

JavaScript: Currently the most 'popular' coding language in the world, this is an advanced continuation of our HTML curriculum.

Unity3D: Professional game engine (using the C# language) to create games for Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, Itch.io, and more platforms. (Advanced 13+)

We believe together is better!

After receiving their first ranking achievement, your child will be recruited onto one of our student teams.

Everything your child completes at Hackingtons will help their team earn XP points.

We believe kids learn better with friends, and we do everything we can to make that happen!

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How Class Meetings Work:

Each class consists of three parts: teacher check-in, coding-time, and class showcase. We expect every child to complete a significant amount of coding during a class, and to post their project to our public showcase at the end of every class.

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Why parents love Hackingtons:

As a parent, you see great potential in your child and want to surround them with friends with similar interests.

At Hackingtons, we have hundreds of kids enrolled with the same love for technology. Together, as a team, we hope to inspire and motivate your child to acheive great things in their future.

"I love how the Hackingtons curriculum challenges me!" -Evan Evan's Portfolio

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