Hackingtons online coding classes for kids.

We have four unique computer programming class options:

  • Python Academy: Ages 8+
  • Intro to Game Dev: Ages 8+
  • HTML Web Development: Ages 8+
  • Advanced Unity3D Club: Ages 13+

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Why parents love Hackingtons:

As a parent, you see great potential in your child and want to surround them with friends with similar interests.

At Hackingtons, we have hundreds of kids enrolled with the same love for technology. Together, as a team, we hope to inspire and motivate your child to acheive great things in their future.

"I love how the Hackingtons curriculum challenges me!" -Evan Evan's Portfolio

What Hackingtons can offer your child:

We provide world-class mentorship in computer programming.

    Your child will:
  • Learn to code websites, video games, and Python applications.
  • Build a professionl portfolio.
  • Showcase their projects to hundreds of peers.
"I love how Hackingtons teachers make learning fun!" -Jackson Jackson's Awards

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Hackingtons Corporation, est. 2014
Co-founders: Steven Croft & Matthew Highland
Curriculum Developers: Andrew Miller (UC Santa Cruz) & Michael Gloudeman (UCLA/App Academy)