2018 Calendar

The Hackingtons program is year-round, and you are welcome to join at any time.

If you have a scheduled family vacation, simply let us know and we can credit your account accordingly. (Please provide 2 weeks prior notification)

If your lesson falls on a Hackingtons holiday, you have the option to make-up the class or receive a class credit.

Class holidays:

  • Sat Sept 1st - Mon Sept 3rd (Labor Day weekend)
  • Wed October 31st (Halloween)
  • Thurs Nov 22nd - Sat Nov 24th (Thanksgiving)
  • Mon Dec 24th - Tues Jan 1st (Christmas/New Years)
  • 2019
  • Mon Feb 18th (Washington's Birthday)
  • Fri April 19 - Mon April 22nd (Easter weekend)
  • Sat May 25th - Mon May 27th (Memorial Weekend)
  • Mon July 1st - Sun July 7th (week of July 4th)

Free Events

Kids Startup Investor Night (Sept 22nd)

Students code websites for their startup company ideas and pitch to investors. Top companies win trophies.

Next event: Sept 22nd 6pm-7pm @Hackingtons in Rocklin & Pleasant Hill

Game Division (ongoing)

Our elite game coders participate in monthly competitions in HTML, JavaScript, and Scratch. Competitions are optional, and only available to enrolled students. View recent tournament winners

Hackingtons500 (October 20th)

Students code video games using JavaScript or Scratch. Trophies and cash prizes for top 3 games.

Next event: October 20th, 3:00-6:30pm @Hackingtons in Pleasant Hill

Student Video Arcade Night (December 8th)

Students code video games using Scratch or JavaScript. Visitors pay students $0.25 to play the games. Students keep the profits!

Our mission is to make coding a sport,
and your child the star!

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