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Hackingtons students build real projects using Scratch, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Unity, and C#. Starting with Lesson #1, your child will begin building amazing projects that you can share with the world. Our teachers are professional coders doing what your child will be learning every day. Classes meet once a week for 70 minutes. $120/month

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367 Civic Drive Suite #9

Andrew Miller Hackingtons.com
Andrew Miller

Meet a Pleasant Hill instructor:

Name Andrew Miller

Position Curriculum developer and lead instructor

Experience UC Santa Cruz grad with a degree in Computer Science: Computer Game Design, independent game developer and a former class room teacher.

Favorite thing about Hackingtons "Hackingtons has such a broad curriculum that ANY student can experiment with a variety of topics until they find something they really enjoy. They can then express themselves through that medium."

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What we teach

At Hackingtons Code School for Kids we teach Scratch video game development, web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Python, and Unity 3D game development using C#. These courses can support students who have never coded before, students who have completed Hour of Code at their school, or students that have significant abilities and want more. We also offer coding competitions and course completion certificates for those that want to showcase their abilities.

Pleasant Hill location. masks are optional.

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How Class Works


Class meets once per week for 70 minutes. This is done in person at one of our locations or online through Zoom.


Each class consists of 3 sections. The first 10 minutes is check in and goal setting. The next 45 is coding time where the students build projects and ask questions. The last few minutes is showcase time where the students have their projects showcased to the class.

Teacher Role:

Our teachers are professional coders and instructors. Their job is to provide guidance and motivation to each student as they work. That includes helping students brain storm project ideas, make their existing work better, or solving a difficult bug. Coding is not like math, you can't just skip the problem and move on. If the code doesn't work you are stuck. Our teachers offer immediate assistance and experience that is lacking in many other settings.

How they learn:

Students are taught through instructional videos and teacher instruction. They learn by building, there are not any "lectures" or "theory". The students learn a technique and apply it instantly. Each course is self paced and the students can work on any curriculum or language that they like at any time. The program is year round, meaning you can start at any time!

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