Hackingtons Location: Pleasant Hill

Our students build video games, websites, and Python apps. Classes meet once-per-week for 70 minutes. $120/month

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360 Civic Drive

Why join Hackingtons?

Learning to code is one of the most useful skills your child can learn, and choosing a code school that fits your child's personality is very important.

At Hackingtons, we celebrate your child for who they are and what they can build. Our enthusiasm is contagious, and our goal is to help your child fall in love with computer programming.

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How Class Meetings Work:

Classes meet once-per-week for 70 minutes. We do our best to group kids by age/ability, but every class has a mix of kids studying different languages (Python/HTML/Scratch).


Each class consists of three parts: teacher check-in, coding-time, and class showcase. We expect every child to complete a significant amount of coding during a class, and to post their project to our public showcase at the end of every class.

Competitions and Events:

We continually host coding competitions to keep kids & families engaged and making new friends inside the Hackingtons community.

Family Arcade Night at Hackingtons (Students showcasing their own video games and charging $0.25 per play.)

The Hackingtons "500" coding competition

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