How to enroll

We have 1,000 enrolled kids who love to code. We want to make sure your child loves it too!


Step 1: We want to meet you, and your child.

Sign up for a free 15 minute introduction "Zoom" session with your child. An instructor will give you a tour of the curriculum, and provide 1 week free access to the curriculum.

"I want my child to stop just playing games, and learn how to build them..." -parent

Step 2: Code a website and a video game.

During your free online trial, we recommend completing lesson #1 in either HTML, Scratch, or Python. You'll have full access to our coding clubs and the help desk. All that's missing is your weekly dedicated classtime with an instructor!

Questions? Email Support Team Call


Step 3: Choose a weekly classtime.

If you tried our curriculm and liked it, the next step is to select your class time and instructor! Our support team will reach out to you and provide a list of possible class times/instructor combinations. The once-per-week class meets for 70 minutes, and the tuition is $120/month. Class sizes average 6 students.

Overview of curriculum