Parents' guide:

Helping your child succeed at  

The Hackingtons' Methodology

We want your child to learn professional-level coding skills and build the confidence to take-on any challenge a career in technology may require.

Along the way, we want your child to build a professional portfolio, and fill their bedroom-shelf with awards earned at Hackingtons.

We are here to help your child succeed. And more specifically, we want to empower your child to:

"Build Great Things"

And the first step is to contact us for a Free Trial Class, if you haven't already.

Hackingtons students earn multiple-awards during their enrollment.

Before the Trial Class

Prior to your child's class, you should receive an email with a username/password to our curriculum system: If you have any trouble logging-in, contact [email protected].

We encourage your child to login and explore the website prior to attending class.

Screen-shot of the home page.

During the trial class

The trial class is held during an actual class session (70min). Your child will be sitting amongst classmates, with a student teacher ratio of 6:1. Your child will then choose to build either a basic website, python script, or video game in Scratch.

At the end of the class session, your child's project will be showcased to everyone in class.


For each programming language taught, we offer a complete black-belt progression of rankings. Students can choose to focus on a single language, or do multiple languages at once.

For advanced students, we unlock our advanced lessons in Unity, JavaScript, and Game Design.

Rankings for HTML, Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Unity, & Game Design.

Your child's showcase

Your child's showcase is an ongoing record of their progress. Projects posted can be marked "public/private" depending on whether your child wants them to be visible to other students.

As a parent, you can stay up-to-date with your child's progress by viewing their showcase. To view from any device (without needing to login), visit the following website address:
note: UserName must be your child's username.

Example student's showcase

Your child's professional portfolio

All Hackingtons students have a public portfolio that can be used to show-off their best projects. Initially, this portfolio is empty, and will need to be customized by your child. To view or share your child's portfolio, visit:
Note: you must replace USERNAME with your child's actual username.

Example student profile page.

How to continue studying at home

Our curriculum and help-system is available to kids 24/7, and we encourage your child to practice coding from home.

Important: Our curriculum ( uses a different username/password than Scratch- see below:

Scratch- Your child will need to create their own username/password at home. You will find a quick link to join scratch inside the 'white belt' Scratch lesson.

Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript- No password required. Look in the navigation menu for "Code Editor". Websites & Python apps created in our code editor can easily be shared in the student showcase.

What is Replit?

Prior to building our own in-house coding editor, we used an editor called Some students still prefer to use Replit as it is more robust (additional Python libraries); however, Replit no longer provides free website hosting.

How to ask questions from home

We provide a messaging system for contacting teachers from home. Our teachers typically check the system regularly, between the hours of 3pm-7pm.

How to share a Scratch game (Step #1)

Important: You must also do step #2 too!

Your child must first press the "share" button inside the Scratch editor. This is an orange button that only appears if your child is logged-in to Scratch.

How to make a game share-able on Scratch

Posting a Scratch game to Hackingtons (Step #2)

Our teachers can not see your shared Scratch game unless your post a link in either the Hackingtons showcase or the "ask for help" section.
Both the showcase and the messaging system have an 'easy' search feature for submitting your game link, shown below:

The submission form for Scratch games on

Post to the showcase (Step #2)

Open the showcase in, and select HTML, JavaScript, or Python to paste a link to your project.

Posting a project in the showcase

Monthly Competitions

All students, regardless of coding experience or ranking, are invited to compete for trophies in our monthly coding competitions.

Competition themes/programming languages rotate each month.

Most competitions are held on-line, but we do have in-person competitions and hackathons (ie the Hackingtons 500).

We award ~10 trophies each month, and we do our best to give everyone an opportunity to win (for example, our startup competition is less focused on coding ability, and more on creativity).

Monthly competition trophies.